Leslie Ann Parmerter - Reconnective Healing Practitioner

"I started radiation treatments a couple of weeks ago and some days it was quite painful because of the position I had to be in (hands above my head and turned a little on my side). Leslie (in Oneonta) has been giving me distance healing sessions at the same time as my treatments and if I wasn't a firm believer before, I sure am now.  I can honestly say I am so comfortable with hardly any pain at all, and don't dread coming the next day for a treatment.  Right now she is one of my guardian angels looking out for me."

~Dorothy (Schenevus, NY)

“I had the sensation that I was purging a lot of pain that I'd been holding in for a long time.  It also felt like my lungs were bigger somehow, and that I was able to take in more oxygen than usual. What was also powerful for me was the thought that someone was thinking about me in a concentrated way in that moment, trying to help me; trying to heal me. It didn't matter how far away she was.  My experience was profound and I have no doubt it helped me to let go of some stuff (like a mini catharsis) and I'm looking forward to trying it again!"

~Johanna (Cary, NC)

"Soon after I had experienced a miscarriage, Leslie Parmerter, suggested a Reconnective healing session for me which I had never experienced. 
Leslie and I spoke briefly on the phone first and then she told me that she would call me back when the session was done to talk about what I experienced.  As soon as I lay down I began to relax.  I noticed a sensation of warmth, not all at once but on differing parts of my body at different times.  I also experienced (as Leslie mentioned I might) a very actively gurgling tummy.  My legs and arms began to twitch, but not in a troublesome way, but seemingly just in a way that seemed to further relax the surrounding muscle areas. I noticed that my breathing became deep and even and though I felt as though I might be slipping into a sleep world, although  I was still fully aware of my surroundings.

During the session I had various thoughts and visions, some of them dream-like and some realistic, but many of which seemed out of place for the world of the awake, as they were much more dream like.

After the process, Leslie and I talked and I was surprised with what she said about certain parts of my body that she had “worked” on with the healing energy and thoughts that she was sending me.  I felt many of the things that she said…she mentioned a particularly deep area in my stomach region that she mentioned might be connected to some very negative energy…who knows if it was a left over emotion from my recent miscarriage or if was something left over from my less than ideal childhood; whatever it was, Leslie said that it might be something to have worked on again at a later date.  Interesting enough I felt a continuous tugging at the very area of my stomach that Leslie had mentioned…like something was being pulled at, but wouldn’t let go.  Interesting.

I found this experience relaxing and a beneficial key to healing.  Leslie is a compassionate and caring healer with incredible insight and thoughtful perceptions about the healing process.  I highly recommend this experience!"

~Amy  (Charlotte, NC)
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